Abrar Ahmed

Head of Maintenance

Abrar Ahmed


Graduating with a civil engineering degree in June 2014, I worked on projects commissioned by the Indian government for urban development across the country for a total of four years.

In March 2018, I started working as a property inspector for an asset management company in Dubai. I have learned a tremendous amount by working with technically astute teams in the dynamic work environment of Dubai real estate and was awarded the Best Employee Award in 2019 for giving the best results to my organization.

With a set of comprehensive skills and extensive knowledge of Dubai real estate developments, I decided I was ready to utilize and expand my knowledge by pursuing a career in the backbone of any development: maintenance and upkeep.

As of February 2020, I started my career with Provident Property management as Head of Maintenance. I have a keen interest and respect for property management and I enjoy working in a hectic environment to achieve goals and complete responsibilities. I believe in working smart and encouraging my colleagues to act efficiently to provide the best level of service to achieve any objective. I enjoy challenges as they push me to work proficiently while maintaining smooth operations within my department to guarantee successful and quality service every time.

Being a Civil Engineering Professional with over five years of experience, I have worked on a variety of real estate projects such as high rise buildings; hotel apartments; residential and commercial buildings; industries and infrastructures.