Isra Elagib

PA To Director
Isra - Isra Elagib

Isra Elagib


I am originally Sudanese, born in Oman and grew up in Canada. Growing up I have always been fond of creative design, mathematics and structures of buildings. This led me to pursuing my undergraduate degree in architecture where in 2015, I moved to Dubai to pursue my passion at the Canadian University Dubai. Within my 5 years of studies, I was able to implement my design skills by entering a regional architecture competition to which I achieved third place. The skills and confidence I acquired during this time have definitely helped me within the professional world. 

After graduating, I was fortunate enough to land a job with Provident Property Management. I am able to constantly implement what I have learned within architecture to the world of real estate. I am extremely lucky to be working closely alongside the Director, Ms. Romaa’l which has aided me in vastly expanding my knowledge within the real estate industry. 

I look forward to working with such a dynamic team and to continuously expand my knowledge, as well as implementing my own skills and contributing to success within Provident Property Management.