Romaa’l Patel

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Romaa’l Patel


I was born and raised in North London to Indian/African immigrants and started working odd jobs at a very young age. After finishing school, I worked across Europe and settled in Spain for several years before returning to the UK to pursue a career in hospitality. I worked as higher management within a 5-star hotel until 2001 and later took an offer to work with a chain of reputable gyms as a Sales Manager.

In 2011, I came to Dubai on holiday for the first time and instantly fell in love with the city and its people. I was introduced to those working within the Real Estate sector at the time and was fascinated with how much my professional background aligned with their values and skill sets. I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to join their industry later that year, and although nervous, I decided to give up my career in the UK and take a chance. Needless to say, I never looked back.

I endured a tough introduction towards the Real Estate market and found that it was not as easy as others had made out. I adjusted my lifestyle, deciding to go back to basics and soon excelled in spectacular fashion.

After working as a Palm Jumeirah specialist for several years, I began to introduce VIP service to my clients, which proved to be the pivotal factor to my success. Clients who are now repeat investors could not refuse an opportunity where a broker would offer a service from start to finish, a selling factor which I deliver time and time again.

When dealing with my repeat clients, I built trust in managing all their properties single handed. From move in, to move out inspections, assisting in registering with all utility service providers, on call for any maintenance requests, basically anything whatsoever related to the property, this allows my investors to sit back and reap the rewards on their ROI without any stress.

The feedback I receive from my new tenants moving into the properties was overwhelming, they loved my UK efficient and fast service. This is when I had the “Ah Ha” moment as I saw a niche in the market and as my property portfolio grew, I expanded the department, training my team to offer the same VIP service.

The portfolio started growing rapidly purely from referrals. I am passionate and believe in my product, and this shows when I sit and speak with my prospective clients, understanding their requirements in detail, offering them a bespoke service.

Through my extensive property knowledge, specialization towards my client’s needs and my can do attitude, I have a growing reputation within the Dubai Property market as a strong contender for management services and have all the attributes to raise the bar and go from strength to strength with a team that does the same.