Youssef Rabah

Head of Snagging
Youssef Rabah - Youssef Rabah

Youssef Rabah


I was Born and raised in Dubai. Growing up, I have always Been fascinated with Physics and Mathematics in High School, and so, I decided to pursue a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering where I achieved my undergraduate degree. 

I started my work experience as a Site Engineer in a Contracting and Construction company in Dubai. Unfortunately, with time it became more and more evident that this is not where I see myself being in the long run. Although I did not find myself fully adapting to this environment, I decided to not give up too early. After 5 years in the Construction fields, I then made a decision that it was time to move on.

I have Always been passionate about Sports in general and Football in particular. I believe that a lot of values I hold today with me were learnt during my long hours spent with football. Values such as self-belief, honesty, persistence, perseverance and commitment which are what I hold on to in my daily life and during my job.

With over 5 years of experience in the Construction fields in Dubai, I have previous experience in the Snagging phase to hand over projects to the developers. I am looking forward to implementing my persistence, decision making and strong sense of responsibility within Provident and aiming to present the highest quality in any given situation.