What is Property Management?

For a Tenant, A property management company takes away a lot of the niggles, hassles and worries that you might have as a tenant. For instance, prior to moving in, a tenant should receive a professional “schedule of condition” report which helps at the end of tenancy in terms of security deposit return. The property will also be checked over and prepared for the tenant (prior to move in) by a dedicated portfolio manager.

For a landlord, A property management contract takes the stress out of property rental, from initial screening of tenants to transparent management of the financial and legal issues, landlords can relax knowing that there is an impartial third party looking after their property and tenant. A PM contract makes perfect sense for landlords living elsewhere to avoid problems that arise through time differences, banking etc. Put a PM contract in place, and you’ll avoid calls from the tenant at inconvenient times such as weekends, holidays and the middle of the night! You might prefer simply not to deal with tenants at all. Studies have shown that managed properties protect an owner’s investment and can achieve a higher rental yield.


What We Offer?

Why choose us?

Experience in the International and UAE property markets

We are specialists in property management, gained through extensive experience in the International and UAE property markets.

Generating maximum returns

We use the best practices, ensuring assets perform at all times to their fullest potential, generating our clients the maximum return.

Ensuring long term savings

We work proactively at all times, ensuring our managers provide advice on sustain- ability that will yield long term savings.

Manage real estate assets locally and Internationally

We understand property, and through expert property professionals manage hundreds of real estate assets locally and Internationally.

Broad platform & gather market data

We use a broad platform, gathering market data from thousands of similar properties to provide our clients forward-looking advice.

responsive and adaptive

We are responsive and adaptive, taking a holistic approach to property management and its main assets – the tenants themselves.

Take the hassle out of owning a property

Leave the management work to us so you can spend more time with family and friends


Meet Our Director - Romaa'l Patel

“I joined Real estate and moved to Dubai in 2011 by “chance”, with most people it starts off with just a holiday, however I quickly caught the bug towards the lifestyle in Dubai and decided to take a ‘chance’ on the opportunity to work in Real Estate. I gave up my career in the UK as Sales manager for a chain of reputable gyms and made the move.

I endured a tough introduction towards Real Estate and found that it was not as easy as other’s had made out, having to make adjustments in lifestyle, I went b ack to basics and excelled in spectacular fashion. . .”