We manage all residential and commercial properties in Dubai.

We cover all of Dubai.

Turning over your rental property to the care of an unknown property manager can be an emotional and frightening experience. That is why you want to choose a company with experience and the right hands on approach. PPM has been in business for over 9 years we are personally invested in the community being market leaders in the service we offer aiming to take away all hassles related to managing your property, we have been awarded top ten property management companies in UAE, and hold a high regard in. the market for the service we offer, our testimonials speak for themselves.

We give your property maximum exposure, as we want to get it rented for you asap! Western Property Group completes the following for all vacant properties:

  • Market Analysis
  • For Rent Signs
  • Internet Listings
  • Website Virtual Tour
  • Property Showings
  • Tenant Screenings
  • Landlord Verifications
  • Employment/ Income Verification
  • Deposit Collection
  • Lease and all Addendum Preparations
  • Move-In Inspection and Report with Photos

Good question, each year on the renewal your key account manager will conduct a “Renewal Inspection” here we take a small renewal to thank them for their renewal, and conduct a property inspection to ensure that the property is well maintain, if we feel that a few things need to change we speak to tenants whilst at the site highlighting the issue, issue the report which we conducted via email, with the points in mention, giving them a number of days to rectify. At the start we complete a complete 2 move-in inspections report, (one is a pre move in, before all furniture is moved in, the 2nd is 7 days after the move in) complete with photos, text, signed by both tenant and the key account manager assigned, his includes both interior and exterior inspections on the property. Inspections are completed every year on renewal than thereafter.

when we bank the rental chess in your account, we send you despots slips, asking you to check the account, if they payment has been received we update the tenant portal and landlord portal, if its bounced for whatever reason, we contact the tenant with the reason and immediatly become our debt collector, by collecting the funds within 48 hours at the most.

The Tennat would highlight their maintenance request by using their “Happy Tenant” application on their phone, here they will be able to take a photo of the issue, or a small video of the issue, state when is best for us to arrive and access the situation, we follow the minor and major clause listed on the tenancy addendums.

We will keep you up to date a much as possible, however remember the main aim of you taking our service is to sit back , relax and enjoy time with the family, your key account manager will generally call you once a month to say hello and ask if there is anything you need from us, we also call your tenant to ensure they are ok and enjoying their stay, if there are minor works with need to take place In the property adits charged to your tenants, we list this on file for record, the work has been completed, not having to bother you about the small issues, if there’s an major issue, with Maintence or anything else, we call you to immediately to keep you In the loop and seek your advise, offering you solutions, the final call is yours and we follow that through.

Let’s look at it this way, we are your Personal Assistance team, an a concierge service to your tenant, we have a fixed, no fuss rate which allows us to manage all your units without stress.

When do you make contact with the tenants on the renewal of the unit and how do you ensure I’m getting the right market rental.- We pride ourselves on being educated In housing regulations of RERA Law. There are a multitude of applicable laws related to rental property, leases, and rent control for different areas in Dubai. being an experienced and educated firm in dubai, we use sites like RERA rent calculator, property monitor to ensure your property is rented at the right price, we initiate contact with the tenants 4 months before their renewal to gage if they are keen to renew here we will be challenged with any questions and demands your tenants request, having built a relations with your tenants over the number of years, we educate both parities on the best way forward. To handle all the different property laws that come with renting out your property. Why deal with it yourself and hold the responsibility, let us carry the burden for you.