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Pm snag - Additional Services

Pre-Handover Snagging

If you have purchased a property and the time for orientation is now, consider our combined snagging+PM package! This service ensures you are receiving your investment in the best possible state it can be given.

Health and Safety Audits

Providing independent annual or 6 monthly HS&E of a property will provide assurances that sensible and appropriate precautions are being taken to mitigate risk and provide safe environment for the tenants / guests / occupants residing and working within the premises.

HEALTH AND SAFETY AUDITS 675x465 - Additional Services
SINKING FUND STUDY 675x465 - Additional Services

Reserve/Sinking Fund Study

Providing studies for funds to establish a stable and equitable funding plan to offset the anticipated future replacement major common element repairs of common area expenditures

Electrical Inspection

Ensuring that electrical conditions of offices, labor camps, buildings, industrial plants showrooms, etc. have no deficiencies and malfunctions. Detailed study of LV panels for any abnormalities in the load current, fluctuation, transients, harmonics, and thermographic inspection of panels and bus bars and etc. to locate deficiencies or hotspots in distribution boards.

ELECTRICAL INSPECTION 675x465 - Additional Services
home cleaning 675x465 - Additional Services

Sanitization of Home

With our professional deep cleaning service we are able to sanitize your home, office space or commercial property with ease 7 days a week.

Upholstery Service

Getting tired of your old furniture? Looking for a quick fix? Then our upholstery services may be for you. With a standard 15 day delivery time, your furniture will look brand new and completely unrecognizable!

upholstery 675x465 - Additional Services

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