Annual Package Services

Our annual property management agreements allow you to live a hassle-free year while reaping the benefits of the investment, minus the headache. Our no-fuss one-time fee for annual service covers the following:

Advertisement for The Unit

To increase the visibility of your listing, we invest in advertisement on various major property portals. With our relationships with portals such as Bayut and Property Finder, we prioritize our Property Management listings with support from algorithm experts. Additionally, we always advise our clients using real-time comprehensive reports about the property location area, instead of just reiterating things from the news and the internet.

Condition Reports

Throughout your time with us, you will receive condition reports that will give you an idea of the state of your property. The initial condition report is done prior to tenancy to ensure we have a record of what state the property was in before occupancy.

This is the state that it must be returned to us by the tenant. Another report is then done 7 days after the tenancy start date – this allows the tenant to inform us of any issues they may have experienced during their first 7 days – and 1 annual condition report is done once a year during the tenancy to ensure the property is kept in a prime condition throughout their time with us. 2 move-out reports are also issued: the first report is done 1 week prior to moving out to address all that is to be rectified by the tenant to release the security deposit. The last report is conducted at the end of tenancy to ensure all final bills have been issued, pending work completed and keys are ready for collection for us to return their deposit.

Additional Addendums

All our property management contracts come with our additional protective addendums for our tenancies to ensure that our landlords are protected. This includes things such as a major/minor clause that protects the landlord from rectifying any issue that falls below an agreed amount.

Additional conditions also bind the tenant to make sure the property is returned in the condition it was received.


All our property management tenants will have access to our Tenant Management Application. This app allows them to contact our maintenance coordinator to report any issues they may be experiencing in the unit with images, videos, level of urgency and preferred booking time. These requests are logged under your unit and our maintenance teams will prepare a quotation. Judging by the cost of work, we will advise either the landlord or tenant on the amount to be paid for rectification. If it is under a certain amount, the tenant is required to rectify it prior to the end of the tenancy.

Key Account Manager

This is your man on the ground. Each managed property comes with a key account manager who will handle the tenant and unit from A to Z while keeping the landlord in the loop. The account manager ensures your tenant is well and satisfied throughout the year. Every month, key account managers call all tenants to check in and see if there is anything that we can assist them with as well as to see how they are doing as a goodwill gesture from their landlords.

This also allows us to determine whether the tenant will be a good candidate to be able to continue the tenancy into a second or third year. If 4 months prior to the end of the tenancy we learn that they are not continuing then we begin advertising your unit immediately to generate interest and keep the property occupied.

Provident Landlord

Each one of our landlords receive access to Provident Landlord Application, just like Tenant Application for your tenants, Provident Landlord allows you to have a full overview of your property with access to all documents in relation to it. These documents include, but are not limited to, the title deed, owner passport, rental cheque with deposit dates, your condition reports, your tenant’s documents, tenancy contract and so much more. You will also be able to see all maintenance requests coming through your unit for easy review.

When you sign up for a Property Management Package, you will get the following services:

  • Full Property Management
  • Professional Property Photography
  • Tenant Screening Process
  • Process of Tenancy Agreement
  • Condition reports
  • Move-In and Move-Out Inspections
  • Dedicated Key Account Manager
  • Manage & Arrange Maintenance and Repairs
  • Transparency
  • Ejari Registration
  • Deposit Collection
  • Fund Collection & Transfer Service
  • Renewal Of Tenancy
  • Remarketing of Property
  • Detailed Inventory Report
  • Late and Return Payment Follow Up Service (Debt Collection)
  • Annual Property Inspection
  • Financial Reporting

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