Providing clients with a written inspection report identifying the defects and code violations both through visual assessment and deemed material of the buildings common are assets. The primary purpose of the inspection is to enhance the clients information and knowledge about the building to improve decision-making for purchasing, selling, maintaining or improving the property to meet statutory requirements as part of the handover process.

Through our extensive knowledge of façade design and engineering and building physics in terms of heat transfer modes, solar gains and thermal resistance through thermal insulation, we can highlight areas where energy consumption could be trimmed through prudent re-commissioning of the HVAC System, management of the artificial lighting, better balancing of the electrical loads, ensuring that the BMS is correctly activated and the introduction of other energy saving measures.

Ensuring that your existing asset registers contain the right information and help you to set up code compliant inspection, testing and maintenance logs and also verifying the asset tagging.

This is the act of cleaning and restoring property that have sustained smoke or fire damage. The goal of this service is to salvage damage areas and restore the property so that it can once again be inhabited. OBG use advance equipment and cleaning products such as MDF 500 to kill bacteria and smell enzyme. Fire Smoke Damage Restoration also remove soot or smoke damage as well as odors of micro-organism from various surfaces and salvage area. We use several methods for neutralizing the odor such as wet fogging with MDF 500.

We provide an inspection reports which can be used as evidence in court and arbitration cases. The submission of a dispute, relating to the material facts of the property, to one or more impartial persons for a final and binding determination, courts to clear understand the condition of a property. The Key to any case is a detailed and accurate Inspection Report.

Providing private purchasers, Owners Associations, and corporate bodies (including government) when preparing to accept handover of a property. We provide a detailed report on the status of the property which can then be shared with the other party to address the issues identified prior to final signature

property management
snagging services

Providing vital management information to our clients enabling them to assess and evaluate the performance of their specialist maintenance service providers through a detailed independent third party report, enabling us to measure their performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which tend to be written into their Service Level Agreement.

Ensuring that the quality of the client’s building is maintained over time owners are requesting maintenance audits just like they require financial audits. We carryout maintenance audits for owners (Single and Joint) and assist in Facility Service providers compliance.

Providing inspection to ensure that themed rides are safe and properly maintained by providing a written inspection report identifying the safety issues, defects and code violations that are visually appraised and projected necessary.

We work with government approved analytical laboratories for sample analysis.

Providing studies for funds to establish a stable and equitable funding plan to offset the anticipated future replacement major common element repairs of common area expenditures.

Providing a detailed inspection report outlining the minimum requirement for making buildings, schools and other establishments more appropriate to cater the people with special needs using facility as highlighted in the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act and also taking into consideration the requirement outlined in Article 27 of the Dubai Municipality Building Code.

A forensic study for building insurance claims is a specialty that OBG has provided for insurance companies, owners and tenants. This provides a third disinterested parties analysis of the claim

This will help identify any surface temperature variance which may lie below the surface of a wall, or a floor, and other places that are usually out of sight. The technology allows us to see gaps from wall to ceiling; cracks in the walls that are hidden by the rendering of tiled wall finishes, water leaks, trapped moisture and faulty electrical connections and components.

Our inspector are certified and highly trained professionals to investigate mold. Not only do they know how to properly conduct mold tests, but they know how to interpret the results or condition and can tell you what levels of mold are expected in your area and how to avoid it. Mold and Smell Investigation service is important not only is to improve the smell of your home hence, its important to protect your health as mold can cause many medical problems. MOF 500 also kills all types of Mold Spores stopping the spread of mold and the very costly clean-up of mold.

Providing pipeline inspection using an optic pipe camera which will allow us to get a thorough look at the pipes, without doing any damage to the home or building. Our specialized high tech cameras can also be used to identify and locate broken and damaged pipe work.

Moisture ingression is either insidious as a result of high humidity levels. We have specialized dehumidifier, construction vacuum, blower equipment and humidity sensors to take the moisture out, remove excess water and reduce humidity in order to reach a certain target of dryness required for your property. The removal of moisture is the key to restrict the growth and/or spread of mold.